Sweet n Sassy Cakes

Your Family Owned Hometown Custom Bakery

Who We Are- Family Run

Hello! My name is Sharon and my husband is Genaro, we are happily baking for you!  We live in Travis Ranch and have 3 amazing kids!

I have been baking since I was little, started out helping my mom and Aunt and then progressed into my own personal baking.  After friends and family started requesting me to bring the desserts all the time I thought this might have some potential.  So I decided to make it official and thus launched Sweet n Sassy Cakes. 

I love trying to expand my decorating skills and baking knowledge so I will be posting my new items in my blog and asking for feed back!

Please also visit us on facebook!

Taylor-  Delivery and pick up assistant 

Taylor is part of the family our oldest.  You may see him at delivery or at pick up and he is always here helping.  His specialty is icing, :) he makes the best buttercream around. 

He will be a senior in high school next year so we are cherishing every moment with him here helping us before he spreads his wings and leaves us for college. 

Geno and Lexie round out the family dynamic-  Lexie is our taste tester and is pretty good at that. Geno keeps us on our toes and tries to "organize" everything.  

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